The Cycle one Mantua-Peschiera (Vr)

di L. Damiani

Who happened in Mantua among the innumerable occasions that the city can offer from the certain cultural and artistic point of view you/he/she cannot lose the suggestive run that connects her/it to Peschiera, interesting example in Italy of really cycle itinerary along a river, the Mincio, entirely absorbed in the green and in the nature. The territory mantovano of the cycle one is inside the Park of the Mincio. This ciclopedonale of 37 Kms ripercorre one of the sides of the famous quadrilateral strengthened that the Austrians realized in the first halves the eight hundred. On the run it is also possible to rent the bike. Point of ideal departure for the tourists is the railway station in Mantua gone out from which, turning to the left, it is possible to reach and to go beyond the bridge on the Mincio. Crossed the road for Sweet the path is taken excavated that it flanks the channel Parcarello and it finishes on the bank of the Diversionary channel of the Mincio. Crossed some hundred meters on the asphalted footstep, the bridge it is crossed on the other shore from where Wood is reached Fountain, Natural Reserve in management to the Forest Body to whose inside rises the villa of hunting of the Gonzagas. Not far and to visit it is the Park of the Bertones and his/her center for the reintroduction of the stork bianca.Lungo the cycle one he continues for Marmirolo and, crossing the central plaza, the road is taken for St. Brizio and the Rout. From here, following a town road that coasts along the channel Molinella, he reaches Marengo and it goes to the left us toward the channel Pozzolo-mauls, where it begins the cycle one. You proceeds thin to a bridge from which it is possible, with a brief deviation, to reach Massimbona, where an ancient Romanesque parish and an in operation medieval mill can still be visited. Returned on the ciclopedonale, he reaches Pozzolo, in which the Valley of the Mincio starts among sceneries of notable beauty. The layout continues up to the place you Twirl of Time Valance and from here to Borghetto, in which it is to not only stop for the picturesque landscape offered from this small suburb mandatory, but also to admire the whole inhabited area, built around the characteristic mills to valley of the impending bridge Visconteo, trace of imposing adverse fortifications to the Gonzagas. Not distant from Borghetto there am Valeggio on the Mincio, famous for his/her castle Scaligero and the Park Sigurtà. Abandoning these places, it finds us absorbed among the sweet emotions that it gives the sight and the passage through the hills of the low Garda, place of our memory risorgimentale (not distant from here it is found, in fact, Solferino, theater of the bloodiest battle for the Italian independence) rich of artistic and religious testimonies. Continuing on the cycle one, over Borghetto a pleasant level run follows him boxed in the valley of the river. Overcome the hill of Monzambano and crossed the dike of Salionze, he comes where the Mincio, gone out hardly of the Garda, it divides him in manifold channels that revolve or sottopassano the severe fortitudes asburgiche of Peschiera. From the lake town it is possible to reach the near Sirmione, "pearl of the islands and the peninsulas", to describe her/it with Catullo, Latin poet that lived here and whose famous villa is daily destination of innumerable tourists. You returns in day from the same cycle or using the latch of calm roads that you/they conduct in Mantua touching the enchanting suburb walled up of Castellaro Lagusello, that is also protected oasis and the countries of Time Valance and Goito. Fascinating and not to lose it is also the return in canoe, that requires in the middle progress of the river of some you transfer because of the presence of insidious jumps or hydraulic works that you/they interrupt the normal descent of it., among sceneries of notable beauty.  

Articolo postato in data 28/06/2006 da L. Damiani

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