Festival of the literature

di L. Damiani

A demonstration to the insignia of the cultural fun, five days of meetings with authors, reading, shows, concerts. Festivaletteratura develops him in the first ten of September and has been being by now for many years a fixed appointment for the one who loves the reading and he/she knows to be able to meet writers, musicians, actors for the streets and the plazas of the city. 
The meetings between public and authors, the readings, the theatrical and musical performanceses are introduced in unusual places of strong historical-artistic value. 
An usual formula in the Anglo-Saxon countries - and Mantua is inspired to that by now famous of Hay-on-Wye in Wales - that you/he/she is revealed ideal in a place rich in charm and livable in the city of the Gonzagas. 
Culture and reading during the Festival become diversion, a show live ambientato in the frame of a city of art, easily practicable afoot, that he transforms in the pleasant citadel of the Festival in the days of September, where public and authors draw near in absolute liberty. 
To the literary meetings - heart of the program - they participate narrators and Italian poets, writers of international fame and the last generations, interviewed by colleagues of fame, journalists and experts. 
A particular attention is turned to his/her children, to which a special section of the Festival is devoted with meetings, laboratories and animations. Festivaletteratura proposes besides driven runs to the cultural historical patrimony of the city; theatrical moments with texts signed by important authors; reading of poetry, musical shows, meetings on art, architecture, design and illustrated book. 
 To everything this the breakfasts are added with the authors and reading (in language) in the space of Harmony plaza. 
On the occasion of the Festival, Mantua opens the doors of monumental buildings and private gardens and offers his/her own plazas and his/her own roads for meetings and shows. Besides the more known treasures of art, Festivaletteratura enters less tourist but equally precious places, discovering of year in year new spaces. 
During the demonstration it is the whole city to become animated: the historical center with his/her shops, coffee and restaurants you/they are involved in different occasions of discovery, knowledge and exploitation in Mantua. 

Articolo postato in data 28/06/2006 da L. Damiani

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